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Kumatolli Rejects MSIL Chairmanship, Demands Land Army

he was offered the chairmanship of the MSIL

Pragativahini News, Belagavi : Athani MLS Mahesh Kumatolli who offered the chairmanship of MSIL refused the offer and demanded the chairman post of Land Army.

Speaking to news persons at Athani on Tuesday, Kumatolli who was deprived from the minister post said earlier he was told of giving a place in the cabinet, however missed with remarks that would get chance in days to come.
Instead, minister he was offered the chairmanship of the MSIL which he rejected and demanded for the post of Karnataka Land Army, as he is a BE Civil Engineer. He said he would travel to Bengaluru and table his demand to the party leaders, if not work for the party as worker.
He said he was in Congress for 30 years and Will be in BJP for 30 year. Though hurt and disappointed for not given the assured minister post, he said he remained silent to avoid damage to the party. He expressed happiness for his leader Ramesh Jarkiholi for getting Water Resources ministry where he can get done many irrigation projects at his constituency.