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Woman, Paramour Held for Husband’s Murder

The Body was Floating in Ghatprabha River on the Third Day of Murder

Pragativahini News, Gokak  : A women who along with her paramour murdered her husband in the field and threw the body in Ghatprabha river last month arrested on Tuesday.
Yellawwa Sanadi and her paramour Veerupakshi Matapathi were arrested for murdering the former’ husband Appanna Sanadi.
Yellawwa and Veerupakshi from Melavanki in Gokak taluk were working in a private sales showroom at Gokak and were in love. Their love turned into illicit relation and planned to murder Yellawwa’ husband.
To bring their plan into action, both on March 24 took Appanna Sanadi to a field at Balakundi village, allegedly kicked to the sensitive part of the body and later stopped his breath by strangulating.
Later, they took the body on the bike to the bank of Ghatprabha river, removed the clothes and threw the body in the river. Yellawwa, on March 25 had filed husband missing case with Gokak policd.
On March 26 they body was seen floating in the river at the nearby area which police recovered and informed Yellawwa who identified the body and started crying in laud voice. A person had informed police about the illicit relationship of Yellawwa and Veerupakshi, both during police interrogation confessed to the crime.
Police filed charges and sent the accused to the prison.