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A story of my transformation

I'm going to share a story of my transformation with a hope of inspiring you all

A Story of 80 kg to 58 kg

Chitra Veeresh

“The wings of transformation are born of patience and struggle” said Janet Dickens.

I’m sure many of you are longing for a magical transformation. It can be anything, say transformation in your attitude, transformation in your appearance, transformation in your health or anything else. I’m going to share a story of my transformation with a hope of inspiring you all.

The picture you all are seeing on the left is my own picture taken about 8 years ago. Yes, after delivering two kids and going through all the hormonal ups and downs that is how I looked. I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t confident, I felt aged and above everything I disliked myself for the way I looked. There is a famous saying “If you don’t like something, change it.”  So, I chose to change myself.

When my younger kid was around 2 years old, I made my first attempt. I went on liquid fasting for 21 days. It was a tough one but I was determined to change myself. Finally, after successfully completing 21 days (Of course with some cheating here and there. You know it right if none have seen you eating something it’s like you haven’t eaten it) I had lost 8 kgs. I felt like a butterfly, was happy and excited to fit in many of my old dresses. After 2 months when I stood on the weighing machine, OMG!! I had gained back half of what I had reduced. I felt upset.

I now thought of trying a new diet. I went on a diet of only fruits and vegetables for a week. I lost 3 kgs in a week and gained back 2 in the week following it. I then tried skipping my breakfast for months and having only fruits or porridge as breakfast. I tried fasting once a week. I tried everything that ignited some hope for my dream transformation. They all did help me, but not to an extent what I was dreaming for.

After years of experimentation and researching I finally found a sustainable approach that worked perfectly for me. I could achieve much in 3 months which I struggled to do for years earlier.

The first thing I realized was the power of my mind. Out of all the knowledge of meditation and LOA I had gained, I truly believed and visualized how I will look after 3 months. I dropped all the reasons I had which obstructed my weight loss journey. I dropped the fact that I had hypothyroidism. I dropped the notion that I have got obesity in my genes and I’ll gain back what I lose. I dropped the thought that I don’t have time to follow a new routine.

In my earlier attempts, along with my efforts I carried all these reasons in my mind that were trying to convince me why I can’t reduce easily. I overcame that.

The second thing crucial in my transformation is the paradigm shift in my lifestyle. In all my previous attempts of weight loss I never gave importance to workouts and instead of a balanced diet I tried extremities. I corrected both. Starting from 15 minutes a day about 2 years ago I reached a consistent 1-hour workout every day. I started exercising at every possible time. I tried everything from walking, yoga, running, Zumba to HIITS. I made sure I did one of them every single day. Gradually I got addicted to my workouts and today I can run a 5k easily or do 108 Suryanamaskars effortlessly.

The third aspect which helped was the healing of my soul by loving and accepting myself the way I am and the way I am not. I started acknowledging and appreciating the slightest efforts I was putting to better myself. I looked into the mirror and conveyed positive affirmations to myself. It all filled lots of positivity, confidence and self-love within me. I also learnt to eat everything I loved without being guilty. Trust me, I eat and relish everything I love to eat but I have now mastered the art of portion control or balancing my meals.

Today I look like that in the picture that’s right side. From 80kgs in the left picture 8 years ago I have arrived at 58kgs on the right picture now. It’s been more than 8 months since I reached there and I haven’t gained back what I lost. My thyroid levels are normal without medication.

I wasn’t successful in my first attempt. I tried numerous things before I ended up with the one that worked perfectly for me. It took years for me to realize that our diet is not only what we eat. It’s what we watch, what we listen, what we read, what we think and everything that we put into our mind, body and soul. All I want to convey is, Transformation you aim for is possible. Give yourself time. And remember there are no shortcuts to success. Work hard to reach your dream transformation. Every time you fail, just recall famous words by Edison, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” If I can arrive at my dream transformation, you can too. Go ahead and keep trying till you succeed.