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ಭಾರೀ ಜಿಎಸ್ಟಿ ವಂಚನೆ: ಬೆಳಗಾವಿಯಲ್ಲಿ ತೆರಿಗೆ ಸಲಹೆಗಾರ ಬಲೆಗೆ

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ಪ್ರಗತಿವಾಹಿನಿ ಸುದ್ದಿ, ಬೆಳಗಾವಿ: ಸುಮಾರು 132 ಕೋಟಿ ರೂ. ಜಿಎಸ್ ಟಿ ವಂಚನೆ ಆರೋಪದ ಮೇಲೆ ಬೆಳಗಾವಿಯಲ್ಲಿ ತೆರಿಗೆ ಸಲಹೆಗಾರ ನಕೀಬ್ ಮುಲ್ಲಾ ಎಂಬಾತನನ್ನು ಜಿಎಸ್ ಟಿ ಅಧಿಕಾರಿಗಳು ಬಂಧಿಸಿದ್ದಾರೆ.

ವಿವಿಧ ಕಂಪನಿಗಳ ತೆರಿಗೆ ಸಲಹೆಗಾರನಾಗಿದ್ದ ಮುಲ್ಲಾ ಅಪಾರ ಪ್ರಮಾಣದಲ್ಲಿ ತೆರಿಗೆ ವಂಚನೆ ಮಾಡುವಲ್ಲಿ ನಿರತನಾಗಿದ್ದ. ನಕಲಿ ಬಿಲ್ ತಯಾರಿಸಿ ವಂಚನೆ ಮಾಡುತ್ತಿದ್ದ ಈತನ ಮೇಲೆ ಹಲವು ದಿನಗಳಿಂದ ಜಿಎಸ್ ಟಿ ಅಧಿಕಾರಿಗಳು ಕಣ್ಣಿಟ್ಟಿದ್ದರು.

ಬಂಧಿತನನ್ನು ನ್ಯಾಯಾಲಯಕ್ಕೆ ಹಾಜರುಪಡಿಸಲಾಗಿದ್ದು, 14 ದಿನ ನ್ಯಾಯಾಂಗ ಬಂಧನಕ್ಕೆ ಒಪ್ಪಿಸಲಾಗಿದೆ.


Acting of a specific intelligence developed, the officers of Hq. Preventive Unit of Central GST, Belagavi Commissionerate have busted a Fake GST invoice racket of value of Rs. 132 Crore involving fake Input tax Credit of Rs. 23.82 Crore and arrested Shri Naqeeb Najeeb Mulla, Proprietor of M/s. Federal Logistics & Co. GSTIN- 29EZEPM3298F1ZW on 10/07/2024 under the provisions of Section 69 of CGST Act, 2024. Shri Naqeeb Najeeb Mulla was involved in availment and passing on fraudulent Input Tax Credit by way of issuance of fake invoices without actual supply of goods/services.

Shri Naqeeb Najeeb Mulla, a tax consultant by profession has also created a fake proprietary firm named as M/s. Federal Logistics & Co. GSTIN- 29EZEPM3298F1ZW. He was handling the filing of returns and other GST related issues of multiple firms and is involved in declaring the manipulated GST Returns.

The modus operandi used by Shri Naqeeb Najeeb Mulla was to collect Cash payments from his clients for discharging monthly GST liabilities but used the same for his own personal interests leading to embezzlement. Further, he discharged the GST liabilities utilising  fake ITC passed on through his own firm or through other firms in his control.

Emergency Service

Upon interrogation and confrontation with the relevant records and statements of the affected clients, Shri Naqeeb Najeeb Mulla admitted to siphoning off cash amounts by forging/editing monthly GST Returns.

The CGST officers of Belagavi CGST arrested Shri Naqeeb Najeeb Mulla under the provisions of Section 69 of the CGST Act, 2017 on 10/07/2024 as he had committed an offence under Section 132(1) (b) and 132(1)(c) of the CGST Act, 2017.

After his arrest, the accused Shri Naqeeb Najeeb Mulla was presented before the Hon’ble Judge of JMFC II Court, Belagavi, wherein the Magistrate has remanded the accused to judicial custody for 14 days.




                                 BELAGAVI COMMISSIONERATE

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